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Our mission is to distribute high quality cannabis to the patients of the New Jersey Medical Marijuana Program. In doing so, we are focused on first, educating the public, second, providing our customers with a safe and controlled purchasing environment, and last, but most importantly building a trusting relationship with our employees, partners, and patients.

Bloom Wellness is a hopeful medical marijuana dispensary funded and run by minority female and breast cancer survivor Cindy Ortiz. Aiding in her efforts are her good family friends, William and Matthew Sirois. 

The idea to venture into the cannabis industry came as Cindy began to participate in the Medical Marijuana Program. She used cannabis to help with the symptoms and side effects of cancer treatments, learning about the impacts and health benefits that the plant not only provided her, but other participants in the program as well.

Having similar aspirations, William and Cindy began discussing the possibility of opening a medicinal dispensary. William had been living out in California at the time and is now eager to show his home town what a professional and progressive cannabis culture looks like. 

Matthew had been financially forecasting the potential growth of this industry and brought his consulting background and business expertise to the team.  Buddies now continues to grow as we add more members and create more partnerships with local communities and companies. 

Together, we all believe that through education and positive experiences, the purchasing of Medicinal Marijuana can be safe, controlled, and nourishing. We hope to one day build a fully integrated and educational based medical marijuana dispensary; here, patients will feel comfortable and confident buying the cannabis they need, know, and trust.

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